Interview: Franck Carducci.

Pubblicato: maggio 24, 2013 in Interviste
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D –They spent about two years after the publication of Oddity, your first album. Today are you satisfied?

It can seem odd because I am usually never satisfied with my own work but YES!
I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved with ODDITY and a lo of people seem to enjoy it very much, which makes this record very special for me, obviously.

D – Oddity I thought was a work in which emerges strongly your passion for Genesis and for that kind of sound …

Well, first of all, without Steve Hackett, there’d be no ODDITY!
He’s the one who suggested I should record my very own album.
He said I should do it selfishly, just for my self, this way I wouldn’t have any regrets whatever the outcome was, and he was apparently right!
Actually quite a lot of people sugggested I should make an album out before, but I always thought it would be pointless because nobody would be interested.
But when one of your all time heroes tells you to do it … well you just do it! 🙂

D – Not by chance that you have produced a cover of The Carpet Crawlers and I saw you play on stage Back in NYC…

The Carpet Crawlers was recorded during my time with the folk band MATIS.
You can hear it’s only played with acoustic instruments.
I love to play Back in NYC, it’s very rock and I like that, for me it’s a bit like a link between 2 of my main influences : Genesis and Led Zeppelin.

D – It ‘also true that within the disk is a song very different from the others as Alice’s Eerie Dream. How was it born?

Well Alice is a bit more Classic Rock, it’s the only piece that I wrote for this album, all the rest was old material I wrote some time before
With “Alice” I thought I would make an AOR (radio format) number, more rock and more direct than the rest.
I came up with this funny story of poor Alice getting lost in Wonderland, kidnapped by the Red “pimp” Queen who turns her into a hooker. The main riff came up pretty naturally but I enjoyed myself so much writing it that it quickly extended and ended up with a length of 12 minutes!
So if you look at my first intention (writing an AOR number), I kind of failed, but I liked it so I kept it in.
During the mastering of ODDITY the sound ingeneer, Chris Morfin, told me he could make a radio-edit out of it.
He spent 30 minutes building the short version so I added it as a bonus track!

D – Are you satisfied with the video of the song? I found it really well done!

Yeah I love it! I have to say some people told me they listened and loved ODDITY after having discovered the video of ALICE so it was worth it!
It was an idea of my drummer “Toff crazy-monk” to make a videoclip and it stars my guitar player “Roy van Oost” as the main male character.
I obviously play the Mad Hatter

D – In your opinion, what is the song that best makes live by Oddity ?

I would say “Achilles”
I think it’s a great piece of music, I love performing it and I can see people always feel quite impressed when they hear it live.
It gives out some kind of powerful energy to the crowd.
Certainly the song I’m the most proud of.

D – In 2008 you moved to Amsterdam and it seems to me you kept a significant amount of concerts. What is the current Dutch music scene?

Yes I’m playing a lot within the Amsterdam local scene (bars and clubs) plus a few venues outsid eof Amsterdam, like the prog temple : De Boerderij in Zoetermeer
You can still regularly hear some prog-rock bands performing in the Netherlands, maybe not as much as in Germany, England or Italia though.

D – You recently took part in The Rome Project, playing the 12-string guitar and bass in 3 pieces. Your relationship with John and Steve Hackett becomes closer and closer …

Well, I had the great privilege to be invited at the wedding party of Steve and Jo Hackett in Perugia, Italia, in June 2011 and that’s where I met Vincenzo Ricca who later asked me to join the Rome Pro(g)ject.
I was delighted to be part of this wonderful musical journey, especially because my family comes from Roma and I love the city!
Last year, Steve invited me to his “Genesis revisited II” launch party in London, and that’s where I had the pleasure to meet Steven Wilson.

D – Are you working on a new album ? Would you give me some little anticipation?

Yes I am. I now have enough material for a new record but again, it takes time and energy (and money)
But again Steve told me I should really do it so here I am once again … I’ll be back! 🙂
Here’s a new song we’ve tried lately:
It’s called “Closer to Irreversible” I hope you will enjoy it.

D – John Hackett will work with you again?

This is too early to say. Or maybe I will collaborate with him 🙂

D – A curiosity: you enjoy more to play bass or guitar?

Probably the piano 🙂
But within a band I’d rather play the bass.

D – To conclude the ritual question: we will come and hear you in Italy?

I’m working very hard to make it happen mainly with my friends from the MusicArtTeam.
So I hope to perform in Italia very soon, I know a lot of people are expecting me there, plus my big family!
Thanks to the Ages of Rock team.
Franck Carducci

Thanks  a lot Franky for your friendliness and time !

Max      24 Maggio 2013.



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